Below is a list of our current members. If you are interested in our club, you can contact one of us directly or use the form below also.

Current Club Roster

                                 Jim Stern
                                 Jean Arndt
Susie Brandau
Jerry Fisk
Diane Fleenor
Ted Funk
Cheryl Gast
Bruce Gast
Charles Heidersheit
Tim Hejhal
James Janka
Dennis Johnson
Rona Johnson
James Kenaga
Laura Klapperich
Janean Kolbet
Doug Krabbe
Kris Lewis
John Luse
Judy Mayer
Dale Mooberry
Diane Mooberry
JT Noordhoek
Roy Ott
Shelley Parks
Mark Penney
Donalyn Peter
Cal Peter
Deb Popp
Mitchelle Richardson
Robert Roggensack
Meg Schutjer
James Stefl
Lowell Tesch
Lisa Wester
Tom Youngblut
Barb Youngblut

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